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10 January 2019

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Today God says:
  "I give My wisdom to you".

He promises me:
  "If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men liberally. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering". (James 1:5,6)

My response to the word:
  The wisdom of God is available to me through faith-filled praying. Whenever a situation arises that requires insights from God, He invites me to ask Him for the wisdom that only He can give. I will seek His wisdom throughout this day, and I will walk in the wisdom He imparts to me. I receive His wisdom through faith as I apply His Word to my life and claim His promises through prayer.

My prayer:
  God, you are my wisdom. Your Word and your Spirit give me the insights into your wisdom. I will be led by your Spirit and I will walk in the wisdom and truth of your Word throughout this day. Thank you for your wisdom, Father.

Today's scriptures:
  "With wisdom a house is built. With understanding it is established". (Prov. 24:3 GW) "Choose seven men whom the people know are spiritually wise. We will put them in charge of the problem". (Acts 6:3 GW) "He poured out His kindness by giving us every kind of wisdom and insight when He revealed the mystery of His plan to us". (Eph. 1:8 GW) "Be wise in the way you act toward those who are outside the Christian faith. Make the most of your opportunities". (Col. 4:5 GW)

Quote for today:
I was frustrated out of my mind, trying to figure out the will of God. I was doing everything but getting into the presence of God and asking Him to show me. (Paul Little)

On this day:
On 10th January 1877, Helen Cadbury was born into the wealthy family of chocolate magnates, in Birmingham, England. Converted at age 12, she immediately began witnessing to her school friends. As her girl friends became believers, they decided they should carry their Bibles to school as a witness to their faith. But the big, heavy volumes then in vogue did not lend themselves to easy transportation; so they began carrying smaller Testaments -- and became known as "The Pocket Testament League." The name stuck. When Helen married the noted song leader Charles M. Alexander, he took the plan around the world and the Pocket Testament League became a great soul-saving ministry, as it is today.


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This Devotional page has been compiled by Colin E Taylor It is based on the book “Today God Says” written by Clift Richards and Lloyd Hildebrand and published by Victory House, Tulsa, Oklahoma ISBN 0932081509 and used with their permission. The text of the book has been Anglicized and additional material has been added by Colin E Taylor. Scripture references are based on the King James Version unless otherwise mentioned. Scripture references marked GW taken from God’s Word Translation, Copyright 1995 by God’s Word to the Nations. Quotations are used by permission. ISBN 0529103125

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