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12 February 2019

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Today God says:
  "Pray without ceasing".

He promises me:
  "Rejoice evermore. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you". (1 Thess. 5:16-18)

My response to the word:
  Prayer is my lifeline. I will pray without ceasing throughout this day. Through the power of prayer I will be able to follow that which is good, to rejoice at all times, and to give thanks in everything. This is my Father's will for me, and He wants me to follow these principles because He knows it will be good for me.

My prayer:
  Thank you, Father, for the practical advice your Word provides for me in matters of daily living. I will live according to those principles today. With your help, I will keep on keeping on through faith, rejoicing, incessant prayer, and thanksgiving.

Today's scriptures:
  "Pray in the Spirit in every situation. Use every kind of prayer and request there is. For the same reason be alert. Use every kind of effort and make every kind of request for all of God's people". (Eph. 6:18 GW) "Never stop praying". (1 Thess. 5:17 GW)

Quote for today:
Prayer will make a man cease from sin, or sin will entice a man to cease from prayer. (John Bunyan)

On this day:
On 12th February 1797, Franz Haydn's Austrian Hymn was first performed for the Emperor Francis II's fifth birthday. Today, Austrian Hymn is the most common melody to which we sing the popular hymn, "Glorious Things of Thee Are Spoken."



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